Enforcing Subcategorization Constraints in a Parser Using Sub-parses Recombining

Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel, Alexis Nasr and Benoit Sagot

Treebanks are not large enough to adequately model subcategorization frames of predicative lexemes, which is an important source of lexico-syntactic constraints for parsing. As a consequence, parsers trained on such treebanks usually make mistakes when selecting the arguments of predicative lexemes. In this paper, we propose an original way to correct subcategorization errors by combining sub-parses of a sentence S that appear in the list of the n-best parses of S. The subcategorization information comes from three different resources, the first one is extracted from a treebank, the second one is computed on a large corpora and the third one is an existing syntactic lexicon. Experiments on the French Treebank showed a 15.24% reduction of erroneous subcategorization frames (SF) selections for verbs as well as a relative decrease of the error rate of 4% Labeled Accuracy Score on the state of the art parser on this treebank.

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