Open Information Extraction with Tree Kernels

Ying Xu, Mi-Young Kim, Kevin Quinn, Randy Goebel and Denilson Barbosa

Traditional relation extraction seeks to identify pre-specified semantic relations within natural language text, while open Information Extraction (Open IE) takes a more general approach, and looks for a variety of relations without restriction to a fixed relation set. With this generalization comes the question, what is a relation? For example, should the more general task be restricted to relations mediated by verbs, nouns, or both? To help answer this question, we propose two levels of subtasks for Open IE. One task determines if a sentence potentially contains a relation between two entities. The other task looks to confirm explicit relation words for two entities. We propose multiple SVM models with dependency tree kernels for both tasks. For explicit relation extraction, our system can extract both noun and verb relations. Our results on three datasets show that our system is superior when compared to state-of-the-art systems like REVERB and OLLIE for both tasks. For example, in some experiments our system achieves 33% improvement on nominal relation extraction over OLLIE. In addition we propose an unsupervised rule-based approach which can serve as a strong baseline for Open IE systems.

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